Programme 7 days trek

Trail on the tracks of the Maremma and their tradition with horses
(from Maremma to Tuscany or reverse)



This trail brings us on the tracks of the Maremma and their tradition with horses. We will watch the "butteri" (cowboys of the Maremma) when they work with the animals and we will accompany them when they drive the cattle and groups of foals. We will ride through the land of the Etruscans, over soft hills and through big forests - a breath taking landscape!
The 7 days programme includes 1 day starfish ride to match the horses, 3 days in Maremma and 2 days riding back to the home stable in Tuscany. A combination of starfish ride and trail.




Arrival and check-in at Pietrafitta. We will have dinner with the guide and the other guests. The guide will explain the program of the next days and anwser all the questions.




We will meet our horses in the manege. Afterwards we will ride through the hills of San Colombano, cross the river Fiora and the woods of Montecalvo and visit the hermitage of Poggio Conte, where 16th century hermits built a chapel entirely dug out of the tuff stone.



First day with the "Butteri" (cowboys of the Maremma). We ride through the woods of Baccano and reach Vulci castle, where we have our pic-nic. In the afternoon we visit the archeologic parc and start working with the Butteri and their Maremma cows.





We spend the entire day in Vulci with the Butteri and their cattles. For lunch we have a barbecue, enjoying the typical products and recipes of this beautiful region.
Part of the work with the cattle will be, that we drive the cows from one big paddock to another. There we will separate single animals, using also the "catture" (high fences that are connected with each other). You will also have the possibility to try the "lacciaia", this is the Maremma version of the American "lasso". Anyhow, you will get that cowboy feeling. Cowboy feeling guaranteed!



We ride back from Vulci to Pietrafitta, where in the afternoon we move Maremma foals from their fields to the corrals. It is a great feeling to be accompany a big group of this young horses.



We will start our two days trip back from Maremma to the home stable in Tuscany, Castello Tamerlano. The trail leads through the hills and pastures until Cavarella. We will pass the antique little town "Castro", where we follow the river "Olpeta" until we enter the big forest of "Lamon". This forest is special as all the ground is covered with lava stones. The vegetation is rich and full of flowers, one can see birds of different types, some of them are very seldom. Here in this forest the bandits hided away from their persecuers. Finally we reach the country house at the lake of "Mezzano", where we will stay overnight. The lake is of vulcanic origin and invites for a refreshing bath.



We leave lake "Mezzano" and the province of "Latio" and reach Tuscany with its beautiful green hills. One of our highlights will be the little town "Sorano", which is placed in the heart of the archeological park of the tuff stone towns. We cross the medieval charming little town and will then ride along the river "Lente". From there we follow the hollow way ("via cava" - old hollow paths that were made by the Etruscans), which is called San Valentino and was constructed in the in the 7th century a.C.) We will ride through wonderful landscape, and finally when mounting the last hills, we will reach "Castello Tamerlano". We will celebrate our tour with a last dinner there.


Breakfast and departure


Group: 8 persons