Riding with the Cowboys of Maremma

The first Cowboy ride which we organized received a great echo.
Due to many enquiries for this special programme, in 2022 we offer further dates.



Has it always been your dream to make a cattle drive on horseback?
To train how to throw the lasso?
To accompany a herd of falls when they pass the river?
To experience fantastic nature and ancient tradition very close?

Then this ride is exactly what you should do!



We offer two different tours:

The 7-day program starts in Tuscany at the ranch Castello Tamerlano. They provide the horses and the guide. After 2 days’ ride the group will arrive in Maremma (or vice-versa). The following 5 days the guests will stay at “Pietrafitta” in Maremma, where they will do fantastic tours on horseback. On two days you will work with the Cowboys of Maremma, driving cows and falls together with them.
This package can be booked also as a five-days-tour on certain dates.

In Maremma the guests will not only learn about the traditional work of the “Butteri”, they will also be actively involved and give them a hand. From here the rides start into the most beautiful regions, a sort of collection of highlights. Infinite green, soft hills, huge deciduous forests, canyons, strongholds, waterfalls, caverns of the Etruscans and their famous hollow ways (“vie cave”), legends of bandits, lunch break on a clearance, …. all this and even more is waiting for the rider.



The guests‘ accommodation is in a very beautiful Agriturismo of high quality level. The main house of “Pietrafitta” is impressing, it is a large nobel house in the typical Italian style. High roofs, noble furniture, open chimney, marble ground – all this reminds you on a stately home of a century ago.
Furthermore it houses the only official private collection of Etruscan treasures which the guest can marvel at in the entrance hall.
For many generations the family breeds horses and cattles and runs farm with agricultural cultivation. Short time ago they stopped breeding, but their love for the animals and the passion for riding is still alive.




In Maremma the tradtion of breeding horses and cattle is closely connected together. The horses, the “Cavalli Maremmani” are big, dark and nobel. They have their own strong character, people say, thus they need more time to get used to the human being and to follow him. But once you have gained the confidence of these beautiful horses – with a lot of patience and consequence – you will have faithful  fellow  for your whole life.




When we do the special rides with the cowboys in Maremma, the guests will ride the well-trained and experienced horses of the ranch of „Castello Tamerlano“. These are Western horses of different races. They are easy to ride, friendly, not complicated and try to do their best to be the riders’ good friend.  The equipment, also saddles, are in Western style.



Like the horses also the cows, the „vache maremmani“ are very impressing: beautiful noble animals with huge curved horns, it takes your breath away when you see them the first time. When I ask the owner, which is his bigger passion, that for the horses or that for the cows, he answers, after a while of thinking: “Horses and cows cannot be divided. In Maremma they belong together, they are one only thing.”





Thus the guest might get a first feeling for this old tradition in Maremma. One starts to understand why these pretty animals are so tight together. On huge pastures, it happened more than once, that we saw horses and cows galloping through the high grass, in a way that you feel the ground tremble underneath your feet.

The old tradition of the “Butteri” must not die. Marco, who is the nephew of the family, presents the work of the butteri at big horse exhibitions in Verona or at the “Equitana” in Essen, Germany. Together with his cowboy colleagues , dressed in the typical way of Maremma, he shows how divide the cows into groups, how to separate single cows, how the wild falls follow the leading stallion and the sound of his bell – all this with the help of the faithful Maremma horses.




That what impresses thousands of people on the tribunes when they watch these shows, you can now experience on your own:  
It is a mixture of euphoria and adrenaline what is streaming through your veins when you are in the midst of jumping falls or big cows with their long curved horns, which are quite agile for the weight they have.


This ride is absolutely unique and unforgettable.