About Illa Knappik

I started in the fields of medicine, psychology and marketing to have my first experiences at work for a plenty of years. Some years ago I started in Sardinia to organize high quality riding holidays and also to accompany the rides. The great feedback encouraged me, so that since 2014 I organize also project weeks in the fileds of psychology, healthiness and fitness for riders and horses.
See: www.sardinienhorse.de

As I love Italy and I am very fond of horses, I travelled into Tuscany in order to search for good rides. I found "Castello Tamerlano" in Tuscany and "Pietrafitta" in Maremma, where I have a very nice contact to the owners. We met all together and created a new project: Cattle drive with the cowboys of Maremma. The first trial we had in November 2013. The good feedback of the guests encouraged us to continue with this sort of rides.



  • Born and grown up in Bavaria, Germany, mother of two children.
  • Several semesters studying Medicine, then Communication Science and Romance Languages and Literature. Graduated with a degree and state certification in Translation.
  • Several years working in the field of Public Relations and Marketing.
  • Since 1995 focussing the field of Psychology, 10 years different studies in this field, finally certified as a Natural Health Professional for Psychotherapy;
    since then, counselling clients using psychotherapy.
  • Horse riding: I had a passion for horses since my youth, started riding at the age of 15. For 6 years I had a horse of my own, I started in several tourneys, and - travelling around the world - I joined a few riding excursions in different countries.
  • Since 2007: free-lance author for several magazines.
  • In 2009 I started to organize psychological seminars (self-development) and riding holidays on Sardinia.
  • 2013: further education as trainer for "coaching with horses".
  • planned in 2014: further education in "horse assisted psychotherapy"