Horse riding in Maremma

Agriturismo Pietrafitta


This wonderful place is an insider’s tip.

The ranch was originally used for horse- and cow-breeding. From this long and old tradition it developed into an so-called “Agriturismo“ focussing on horse riding for guests.


You will find the ranch in the middle of a huge, old oak tree forest, surrounded by big meadows and fields. The majestic main house was built in 1850 and always belonged to the family of the owner, who where farmers and horse breeders. About 30 years ago the house was restored and made a really jewelry place. There are three more houses on the ground, which were used for storage or for the animals, now they have are completely restored and transformed into six pretty apartments for the guests. Each of it is different and furnished in the old Italian style and with nice decoration. You can feel that every tiny detail is made from heart.



Breakfast is fantastic and is served in the main house at a big table. Here also the owner’s family lives. Guests like to sit together here and to exchange horse  experiences and pictures, also tips where to go to in the near surrounding, as there are a plenty of things to do.
Also the big terraces are inviting for a get together. Here the guests have with a fantastic view over the huge green meadows until they finish in a line of Cypress trees.



In the shadow of the oak trees peacocks walk around gracefully and make a big wheel with their feathers – quite sure that everybody is gazing at them.



The water in the swimming pool is glittering clear, fresh and light blue and invites you to a refreshing bath at warm summer days.

Nearby there is a big sandy place for horse riding, also a show-jumping area, and everything is well-kept. The whole family is crazy for horses since their early youth – and this is not astonishing with all these pretty Maremma horses around.


The owner is Pietro, he is not only a real “buttero”, a cowboy of the Maremma, but also a walking history book.
He knows every corner, every bush, every hidden path, as he was grown-up here and since he was a boy he explored the whole region on horseback.



He knows the caverns where 200 years ago famous „Tiburzi“, the Robin Hood of Maremma, hid himself to escape from his pursuers. He knows medieval ballads by heart, songs that tell from desperate love and which deeply move the audience. And he knows where to pass the river without having a bath with the horse.




He tells stories from old castles and dreaded bandits, he shows us caverns, where hermits spent the rest of their live, after they turned away from worldliness.
It is really a joy to ride with him, the guest deeply immerges into past and will become a part of it.



Pietro will guide the excursions with his own horses. These are fantastic starfish rides, every day another tour, another unforgettable experience on horseback.

His wife Fabiola is very fond of history and culture, she can bring you to Rome one day and guide you to all the places you would like to see.
We prepared different riding packages and also single excursions and lessons. Have a look!

If you are interested please ask for a tailor-made riding holiday in Maremma.